Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More COSMOS missioning

The standings increase mentioned earlier this week worked! With connections trained, to level 3 both my characters could begin the University of Calle series of missions without faction getting in the way...

After 1 and a half hours of completing 2 strands of courier missions (10 missions total), I had substancial faction gain, and 6m ISK in the pocket, along with some unique storyline BPC's. Basically a surprising amount of reward - it appears the further you get into the COSMOS chain the better the reward gets- which I can't complain about as most missions could be shot through! Prior to signing out last night I got my first real "combat" mission in the series... and will report on that on my next blog post..

Personally I'm off on an out-of-pod holiday from Thurs -> Mon - so will not be online at all for this period, and blogging will not be occurring. The wonders of German beer & Christmas markets await due to a fortuitous cheap flight deal.. £65 for 2 people for return flights from London, England to Dusseldorf - both in the Earth planet in the Sol system.

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