Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Kill of sight & Big blueprint runs

Well, in news, I'm kill-on-sight in Caldari and Amarr space. Brilliant. All the missioning to get faction for research agents has had its disadvantages in making me a target at gates. Autopilot is now a no-no.

Gives a slight problem in terms of getting from/to Jita - suspect I'll need to get a Sales-alt setup to resolve that in a very "piratey" fashion. Can't imagine getting skills to fly a hauler and a fast frigate (for expensive items) will cause too much issue.

The above did cause a problem and an almost-very-embarressing moment when chatting to Jax on Monday night. I'd been blueprint shopping for around 100mln ISK's worth of BPO's in Amarr and Caldari space, and got distracted and thus missed the Caldari militia hitting my frigate and taking it well into armor! Luckily ship is designed to warp real quick and escaped. The "scaredy cat" can go 3000m/s if needed via MWD to get out of dodge (I go BPO shopping in a inertia stab/MWD fitted incursis). In good news I think we've now got every BPO we will conceivably need for the mid-short-term for the corp right now, apart from the T2 component BPO's... Jax also spent 70mln on BPO's from the other corp wallet... Now we have a poor corporation for the short-term while we research the new BPO's to get them "production" ready. As the mineral stockpile is good the "poorness" of the corp will not remain that way for too long.

Scarily we're hitting the point as a corp where Corporation research and manufacturing jobs are taking a page of my screen - and its actually hard to work out if I'm using all my slots - going to have to start looking to filter!

Yesterday my ISP has issues (AAISP) - meaning I didn't get to change skills in the morning or evening periods - as I thought it'd be out for 24 hours (it actually was usable from 8pm, but I didn't even check computer until midnight when it was too late to do anything useful.

Tonight should be online, ISP willing, and will try to get some missions done - need personal funds (which are lacking due to fact I personally donated around 100mln for BPO's in december) for some of the personal skills that shortly will be required - and its not quick to gain those when you're saving salvage for corporation activities (we'll be building some cargohold optimisations shortly to fit to the Itty V's we will be buying/building).

I hear we're due a thaw tommorow and the snowballs will melt. It doesn't look like the snowballs here in the Sol system will melt though - had snow in the back garden since Sunday and no sign of a melt yet.

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Bahamut said...

I guess thems the breaks when you're a pirate. Sorry to hear about your ISP issues.