Friday, 23 January 2009

Big profit

Okay, Exploration IS brilliant. On just one combat site yesterday, I picked up a Snake implant which I could sell right now (instantly) for 100 million isk, but is worth > 200mln if I move and sell more centrally. Same guy also dropped a Serpentis small blaster POS Tower gun BPC (3 run). Yet to investigate what thats worth, but can't imagine it'll be cheap. Also picked up some named shadow serpentis modules - armor hardners which I'll also need to investigate sales price for (or keep).

Also found a radar site that had been bugging me for days (incredibly weak signal). When I finally scanned it down I was rewarded with 30mln's worth of decryptors...

I'm also amazed at just how quiet space is where I'm basing myself (I'm not saying where due to fact I like it quiet!). Last night in 3 systems I was the only active pilot - it was almost 0.0 in quietness. I note this is in high sec, when > 38000 pilots online. New record in one system, scanned, and found > 20 cosmic anomaly's in one system on a single scan!..

Basically overall, doing L3 missions, for 2-3 hours, I was lucky to earn 10 mln in an hour... doing this, I seem to easily average > 25.... though it can be more sporadic.

The big downside is the fact I have to really wait until I've got a cov-ops to do the run back to Ours (via low-sec) to actually liquidize all these assets and get my personal wallet healthy again - as exploration does not = big bounties. As it'll be a few weeks for this, scarily I may be flying with at least a billion isk's worth of modules in the ship... That does scare me immensely. Any idea on ship-fit-outs for a Cov-ops to avoid being caught in a gatecamp anyone?


Bahamut said...

I'll probably start doing exploration at some point this year.

Anonymous said...

I read that those covert ops ships are always cloaked, even when warping? Is this so? If so, you should be able to go the whole distance undetectable, but maybe I misunderstand the whole cloaking thing being new.

DeafPlasma said...

As I understand cloaking the problem is when jumping - you are briefly uncloaked even in a covops after jumping into a system. - once you hit warp you can cloak again.

And remember cloak's ain't perfect - anything within 2500m will uncloak you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have read some of the technicalities around cloaking. I have not reached that skill level yet, as I am fairly new.

DeafPlasma said...

Psychediver, remember with Cosmic Anomolies you don't necessarily need skills btw - anyone can search/explore these - just find some quiet space and go scanning. I've hit several snake impants over past days just from these.

Hitch said...

Re: The Covert fit.

Lows: for speed and agility

Meds: 1mn MWD, whatever.

High: Covert cloak and whatever.

Don't tank her, your tank is your cloak and speed whilst cloaked.

You hit a bubble then you look at your surroundings, hit align to a moon/belt/planet that is away from the ships trying to find you and the quicest way out of the bubble.

Soon as you hit align you slam the MWD on and insta click the cloak straight after. Soon as your out of the bubble warp cloaked to your aligned target.

99% of the time you are agile and fast enough to avoid getting de-cloaked.

If there is no bubble then you have no trouble getting cloaked and warping off. If you do get caught with no bubble then you simply are not watching what you were doing or got hit by massive lag.

Of course not AFKing is paramount :)

Regarding exploration. Used to enjoy that myself. from crappy sites all the way up to 10 of 10s.

Personaly I have found 6/10 Drone plex to be the most profitable. We used to make 2-3 Billion isk per drone 6/10 once we sold all the gear in Jita, and it used to go damn quick.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Congrats to all who have found great stuff from exploring, especially to you DP!

I just got my first, and probably only, LG crystal 2 weeks ago from an anomaly, though it seems to be all luck based on the drop.

Good luck, CovOps cloak = win!