Friday, 16 January 2009

Personal wallet issues

All this exploration and recent ship and skill buying (of t2 ship/fittings) has had its costs...

My personal wallets (for the 2 characters) are well both below 50mln.. A concern - I usually have 200m of non-corp funds available for "fun"..... and ship replacements. I worked out with my current low loss-rate (and amonut of ships kept for various purposes) its cheaper to self-insure all ships. Also a concern when I have ~ 100mln of skillbooks I need to buy in next few weeks ideally... (well when in high-sec). That said, collected items that looking at market could well be worth 100mln, so the exploration does represent quicker isk-gain than level 3 missions. Downsides are I'm not taking the local regional price so need to fly said items up to Ours/Jita to sell..

I've noticed a distinct market opportunity I in the region I'm flying in, certain items sell well, and well over 100% of what they cost to make - in one day 2000 of said item sold!. Now flying a hauler full of completed items may seem risky, but I'm willing to do so for that kind of profit (considering having a hauler for the junk t1 loot will be required in a few weeks). As said items are things I'd be using here anyhow it makes sense to me (as I can worst case buy off myself if my personal stock runs low). So I sense > 2500 item build orders will be done over weekend for said items.

Plan for next week is to jump clone into "implantless/cheap implant" clones for a coupel of days, re-equip with a cloak on the scanner (keeping combat ship well hidden, only coming in if needed to clear a site)- and look to actually do exploration in very low-sec (0.1-0.3)/null sec to see if it improves the isk per hour rate. As I'm only flying frigates/AF's the total loss wouldn't be that big if blown up.

T2 frigate love has also continued yesterday, with the AF not even hitting armor on an "unknown" combat site... basic stategy with an AF seems to be orbit (to reduce traversal) with Afterburner on, taking out all frigates and small ships with drones/guns asap (as these are what can seriously damage the AF). Once small ships dealt with switch to large ships. With drones costing 400k each I did have to manage their aggro well so they didn't get popped by the enemy - but It was easy enough to recall a drone for 10-20s if it got below 50% armor. Nice thing is I got a snake implant from the site, which did make it well worth my time doing.

I'm not sure whether to share my ship fit-outs for operational security purposes - I know several of the piratey types who read my blog are based in the area of space I'm now in (Gallente/Mimmmitar low-sec primajavascript:void(0)
Publish Postrily)... so giving my low-sec exploration and combat fit-outs may place me at risk if they chose to chase me (not that I'm a big fish with only 100m isk total available to me right now (industry funds are usually tied up in stock/minerals). I know that you piratey types can use locator agents to find me in any case, but ship-fitouts may be harder to get...

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