Friday, 9 January 2009


I'm finding missioning a bit boring recently - as although when I rejoined the game a while back CCP had added a lot of missions I'd not seen before - now I have seen them all.... Good news is according to the recent press release is that from March there will be all-new missioning opportunities. So I'm going to take this as a chance to have a short break from "normal" missioning. I'll still fly back up for corporation missions (as this takes 10 mins only), just will base myself in Ours bit more for production/manufacturing, rather than usually being in mission hub, flying back for manufacturing.

Tonight, the plan is to
1/ Finish 2 outstanding missions in Sinq Liason (one that is a faction gain).
2/ Fly back to home base (Ours) to take the combat fleet back (all frigates + destroyers + battlecruisers)... One cruiser will be left, but can be picked up in due course by a final run with 2 industrials. Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate over time. Can still fly back as needed for future combat missions, but this is all aimed so my personal kit/equipment stockpile is reduced to a single station in central-ish space. Ideally want to find some scan sites in Essence, but really anywhere in Sinq Liason or Genesis is really an option also. We already scouted a potential loc down in low-sec that was very "quiet" during UK evenings
3/ Break out a scanning/salvaging/hacking/archaeolgy frigate to go search for cosmic anomolys and radar sites for the 1st time - this may involve jumping to a jump clone and roaming low-sec for a bit in a cruiser/frigate combo (with a go & get a BC if needed mentality). As my characters can both cloak, a cloak will be fitted to both ships for "scan wait" periods. Good practise for low-sec roams.

Downsides are I have a lot of personal items to do tonight in addition to above so who knows when I'll get online - Doh!

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Bahamut said...

have fun with #3!