Monday, 19 January 2009

Low sec shenannigins

Last night was interesting. To save face, I'd hopped into Jump clones without any implants - so if popped could not worry about the pod.

1st incident occurred when flying my JC's down from Ours to the FOB we have setup (which is in one of those pockets of highsec with no route in except via low-sec). On the entrance gate.... I see a fleet of 20 guys all with -2 standings. A fleet who follow me through - then again chase me in Interceptors to next gate. Luckily however I am flying a frigate and a shuttle, so they never manage to lock me until I'm safely back in high-sec.. but did chase....

2nd occurred when Jax got an escalation off an anomoly. In a low-sec system. We setup a fleet and went en-route, sending a scout ahead. Scout spotted a pirate in a assault frigate sitting at gate (in destinantion system) who immediately opened fire upon the scout when he decloaked. Luckily I made it back to gate intact with 50% armor remaining (this thanks to fitting a MWD, and suffering one hit from the hostile).. But lesson learn't - When entering system with hostile at gate in a scout ship, warp out, then warp back to gate..

Apart from above - last night was pretty uneventful - 2 radar sites were tanalisingly out of reach - I just couldn't scan them out - despite having good coverage from probes... I'll need to see about differently deployment options & will hope better skills sort this (about 2 weeks off). Got one combat site which yielded some drone bits...

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