Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tech 2 Frigates - IshKur

Well, last night was dedicated to the purchase and launch of the new Assault frigate named the "DSTI Carbonator".. (so called as it turns enemys to carbon dust). Most concerning thing was flying it back through low-sec for the 1st time, worried a little someone would jump me before I could fully combat test the ship.

Luckily I safely survived (didn't even see a soul in low-sec)... and took it for combat testing at a combat site I'd found earlier. It is OMG awesome and a complete relavtion in PvE (despite it being a mostly PvP fitout as being suitable for if one of you piratey types jumps me in low-sec). Oh I didn't mention that its 90% T2 fit in all the "important places"... and has T2 drones. I can't afford to lose many of these at 400k each so heres hoping for some more big finds.

Right now my skills are letting me down a little, but EFT reports with current skills its giving me 171 damage per second with standard antimatter ammo.. not bad for a frigate, at all :) I do need to buy some faction ammo however to increase dps further to store in case of pvp encounter....

In exploration testing on some combat sites found, effectively its way way over twice as effective as the "old" incursis T1 frigate (which the ishkur is based on). Doing a frigate sized combat site that me/jax has issues with together with 2x incursis - the ishkur just blasted through it solo. One big difference is being able to field 5x drones at once, vs the drone bay capacity of the incursis of a single drone.

I also found another radar site last night. Another 20 million in "findings" for 15 mins work.

Can't wait to get back tonight - to test it further, and also hoping to see Jax at some point (though he's not going to be around a few weeks due to RL issues) so the AF vs Myrmi and AF vs Vexor can be tested.

I have decided I'm going to have to fly a hauler down at some point full of probes... getting through them like they are out of fashion and the few trips I'll be flying (instead of just clone jumping) up to proper highsec means there won't be much chance to bring enough down.

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Bahamut said...

Sounds like fun. Glad you're having that much luck with the new ship.