Monday, 12 January 2009

Exploration 1st steps

Over last few days I've been getting to point when exploration was possible - and I've finally got it working..

I learnt some things:

1/ DeafTurret is now so badly KOS in Amarr space, that navy officers spawn at any point in high-sec (even a safe) within 2-3 seconds. Doing Exploration sites and dealing with Navy too = no fun, so going to have to stick to Mimmitar/Gallente space for the moment. Its annoying as I fully probed a nice combat site (4/10) in Simlar I think the system was... Still was good practise as the site was really hard to find.

2/ Skills for reducing scan time are essential. I'm skilling DP to that end now. Plan was always to have a CovOps frigate - this doesn't change that... just makes it a more pressing need.

3/ You get through scan probes at a horrendous rate - going to need to get some serious amounts of scan probes built! Next time I'm back in Ours I'll be doing that.

4/ Loot is meh, so far. Of the one RADAR site I had time to scout our - Around 1 million in spoils. That said, as scouting a site takes 15 mins or so... its not awful - just not as good as missioning.

5/ I need to get a salvager out to this area of space - right now I only have the scouting frigate + a combat ship. Downsides are (I admit it), its a bit sketchy low-sec here. Still at least corp offices are cheap (I'll be buying one shortly). I've parked the ships in one of those high-sec loc's with low-sec all around :) Good news is - lots of sites to survey, and its real quiet - in a lot of systems I was only person in on a Sunday night, which being busiest night of the week is no bad thing (I saw 46500 people on at same time).

6/ I'm still reasonably near Ours if I need to do a run back - however, I'm more likely to use jump-clones I think and leave my character around here and only make runs back/forward when I need the loot hauling.

Overall, however - despite the annoying delays - exploration is fun, and I'll be giving Jax a run on how it all works when I see him online...

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Bahamut said...

Looks like you got a pretty tight handle on the whole thing. Good work!