Tuesday, 13 January 2009

No fanfest for me

I'm annoyed.. well a little anyhow.

I'd planned to go to Fanfest this year - and given its usually start of November I'm a bit stuck for this year (despite date not even being announced yet). I'm going to Vegas instead for a wedding on the 5th November - with the pre-and post activities meaning I'll be there from 3rd-10th. Meaning of course I'll miss fanfest if it's at it usual time....

Seems strange to be sad about missing something in 10 months time - but fact is I'd planned for fanfest and had already booked the 2 weeks at start of Nov off - but you never can plan for wedding announcements. Being Vegas too, I doubt I'll even get much of a chance to keep-up on the blog-banter from the fanfest, as I likely won't be taking a laptop with me (instead taking my pap-style camera). As I really enjoyed just following Crazykinux's blog for the period this year - I'll end up having to have a mad recap when I return.

With the Iceland ecomony being a bad currently however, it would be good if CCP announce a fanfest for say Aug/Sept this year (when weather is warmer in Iceland I guess)... I suppose I can dream!

I'll also probably have to postpone any thoughts of being a CSM delegate for another year - without being able to speak to people in person at Fanfest - I don't think it'd be right to become a delegate. I don't want people to think I'm just there for the "free holiday hax" as some people put it!

Good news is I'm about to start booking the Vegas trip..

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Bahamut said...

Have fun in Vegas.