Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Industrial Endeavours update

Well the T1 market is going well again for me at least. The sell it low, but in quantities tactic is resulting in significant sales for me.

Current stats: 500mln cash, 300mln on market, another 100mln of goods sat in hanger waiting for market orders to complete (ie restocks), and a new 40mln unit stash of trit + a tidy amount of pye. All good, and amazing volumes for my stocks.

Basically I think in past week of market trading - I *think* I've made 2-300mln - which is a good result - all off the back of 4 key items which are the cornerstone of the "trading" operation. What does surprise me though is something that usually doesn't sell (200mm steel plates) - had a huge rush of 300 buyers in a short period last week - this despite the actual price making me a tidy profit.

The L4 R&D "project" has stalled until next week. At the moment can access L3 Q16 agents so its getting close to L4 agents now on both characters - shame only one of them has research skills trained!

I have a week-o-eve next week - where the L4 project will complete with any luck, the store will be restocked, and I will venture back into low-sec for a month with a hulk in the hold for use in mining operations down in deep Low-sec. I'll be using a deep space transport for the trip - which should minimise risk of getting caught - its still possible to be scramed by a big gang however, so I will be tacking a escort or two.

I hope your week in EVE is fruitful, and my next post will be my Blog banter submission.


Cj Didge said...

It sounds like someone is making T2 steel plates, i sometimes make T2 large shield extenders which you need the T1 version to build, so if i see a good price on a large enough volume i'll buy them instead of making them myself just to save some time and a build slot. The great thing i find about eve is that if your price is good enough you will sell out eventually.

jamenta said...

Probably one of the most common mistake players make when trying to sell their stuff ... overpricing, thinking the higher the price, the more they will make.

In truth, you actually will make more money per week if you price your item for it to sell more volume. More sales even at a lower price creates higher profit.

In fact, in theory there is a price that you can sell your product at ... a single price that neither is the lowest or highest, but fits the demand for your product, that will bring you the absolute most profit you can gain on a market. However, you would need to know the actual demand for your product, which is usually just a guessing game at best!