Monday, 20 July 2009

The fall of bots?

I was sat at the bar in Carirgnottin... My current L2 agent is here - for Creodron.

Carirgnottin and some of the surrounding systems have Gallente Ice fields (high-sec all around). The thing with ice fields is you usually get ICE mining robots in bulk from our Chinese macro friends.

The more interesting thing recently has been "local". The local pilots over the past week have been commenting "Where have all the macro's gone". And indeed, with me doing some quick looks - it appears Macro miners have decided to go on vacation, or at least greatly reduce their operations.

Has this happened where you are? If they are, it has far-reaching market implications - such as ICE prices and their derivatives rocketing in price.

Update - : Still no EON magazine, I'll be chasing this up with my reference number asap tommorow (once confirmed no arrival today)- as it now has been almost a week and a half...


Karox Lominax said...

There was a recent change in Chinese Law banning (or at least severely reducing the ability of) allowing gold farming 'dens' to operate.

Whilst that means that the gold farming/botting business sees a short term reduction, theres no doubt that it will be back in the coming months as the den operators move to other countries which have cheap labour (India or the like)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to give a observation and make a request if I may be so bold.

I ran across your blog about a month ago and really enjoyed reading it from the beginning. I follow all kinds of eve blogs, but in yours, I found a lot of info about the industrial side that no one else blogs about. It might not seem like the most glamorous, but its really interesting and fills a niche.

The exploration is also something I do a lot of and enjoy hearing of what you are doing with that. You and I are at about the same level with that, using AF's in hi and low sec, but as a Minmitar character, I'm struggling with what ship to move to for doing 0.0 radar/mag and combat sites. Should be easy for you, everyone talks about how great the Ishtar is for exploration.

Lately your posts have become fewer and fewer, and do not seem to have a focus. I for one would greatly appreciate hearing about your industrial endeavors, how exploration is going, and any advice/guides you might post.

Hope this might help some, ignore me if not :) Keep up the good work.

DeafPlasma said...

I've got a focus now, but its a bit split at the moment due to the standings gains I need for true tech-2 research. I'm not doing exploration due to this as I'm over 35 jumps from my main low-sec stomping grounds. Another week of this activity and I should hopefully be getting to Level 4 standings and thus can quit with the "boring" stuff and get back to normal business.

My industrial activities are taking a side line, purely due to logistical issues of moving to/from my low-sec base right now - purely as my long-term logistics option isn't available right now (a carrier & Orca combo). That said I rarely do have under 300million on the market ever, so it is probably time I blogged about this.

Thorvik said...

Yeah, as Karox stated above, China has set their sights virtual cash trade to try and control the online gambling industry. WOW and EVE macro miners are both affected by these laws.

They'll find a way around it, but it should be interesting to see what will happen in the meantime with mineral prices.