Thursday, 16 July 2009

Question on EON magazine

Once subscribed, how long does it take for first magazine (current) to be shipped?

I ask as I subscribed again last Thursday, and have not received the first edition yet - admittedly due to Royal Mail not delivering to me until noon, I can't check todays mail until I get home, but even so I was expecting the magazine yesterday/Tuesday or even Monday if I was lucky. Having not received yet I am getting worried.

I subscribed in past, and never had any delivery problems, but have missed last 3 editions. As mentioned before I can't make it to Fanfest this year due to the expense of fixing my PC to actually play EVE, so decided to resubscribe with the launch of EON 16... (well just after, I was a bit tardy!). I just find the delay odd, and not what I experienced in past.

I will update this post in comments as to what if anything happens.


Kirith Kodachi said...

I live in Canada and STILL haven't got my #16 magazine. I probably won't see it for another week either judging by past issues.


Anonymous said...

Based in the UK, I received mine about 10 days ago....

Karox Lominax said...

They're probably going all out in getting the new issues shipped out before going back to follow up any back issue orders. You need to remember its only 4-5 people in an office (I think) to arrange to pack and ship all the individual issues (might be wrong on the numbers of course, but its in no way a massive publishing outlet.)

Give it another week or two i'd say. I've never had any problems with back issues, but I've also never had any problems with asking for them right in the middle of the despatch period for one of the current issues.