Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A more responsive Jita? Devblog comment

I though I'd paste a link to a Dev blog indicating whats been going on in Jita recently. Just in case any readers havn't seen/read it ! Basically over the last few expansions the Dev's have been working flat out to allow Jita and other busy systems to scale better.

Result: You can clearly see from the graphs linked above they have been successful - and I must congratulate them on finding such an improvement from changing the Inventory system.

Basically this is showing the Dev's are just as interested in making the game scale - in that they are fixing long term problems as well as making the "new shiny" features...

Not many MMO's release the tech detail CCP does on its Dev blog - I really wish more would..

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Matthew Park said...

I completely agree. I love the fact that they have a Dev blog and it is so detailed in what they do. I've learned a lot about their infrastructure just from all the stuff they put on that thing and I find it very interesting.