Thursday, 9 July 2009

A week of missioning.. and comment on Rigging

What I love about EVE is the fact there is so much to do - you literally shouldn't get bored, as you can move from one item to another.

My problem recently has been standings as although I have skills trained, I can't use Level 4 R&D agents due to my low standings. I tried a trip to cosmos constellation - but again my basic standings are just too low to be able to use the L3/L4 starter agents which would greatly improve my Gallente standing in days.

So... I've relocated temporarily to an old-mission-hub favourite of mine with the Fed Navy - for a bit of a change and some "blowing some shit up" action. I've fitted a full Tech-2 Myrmidon, with T2 drones, and have been greatly enjoying L3 missions again while my BS skills train for L4's. This is only a temporary move however - I may have to relocate again however to an agent for one of the "Research" companies to greatly increase standings gain there quickly to at least get some R&D going. This is likely to happen next week, with all the logistics fun that involves.... - got a Myrmidon, Ishkur, Salvager to all move. The good news is that if I take a small detour to pick up my "big hauler", I can fit the Ishkur, Salvager inside + a load of mission loot and stock to keep me going. The downside is the fact I have to fit/unfit and package the ships - but I hope this will give a chance to try the new fitting "templates", to speed this process up.

Now of course the big news is the Apocrypha summer expansion is to include changes to Rigs, introducing small and medium rigs. As an industrialist I see this as bad and good. Yes they'll require less items to make than "big rigs", but they'll also increase the utilisation of rigs, and thus potentially the price of them and of salvage.

Overall I think it'll be good news if you have vast quantities of salvage, as you may be able to make the new rigs for extreme profit, as I do expect salvage prices to peak after release. A wise man (even a missioner) would keep all salvage till after patch to see if this holds true.... the downside being if too many people do this it will result in prices dropping and an increase prior to patch due to the smaller amounts on market. How will I deal with this ? By following the market - I'll be keeping an eye on salvage prices on buy and sell orders, and volumes in 2 of the major trade hubs near where I fly and thus can remotely change price on - (Not Jita incidentally, as i don't want to leave an ALT there just to change prices). When prices are optimal to buy (ie if they drop), I'll buy. If prices optimal to sell, I'll consider either rig production or selling.

The good news is I already have researched large Rig BPO's for most of the popular modules..... which if I'm right may actually shoot through the roof in prices...

Interesting times for industrilists for sure.

I'll be online a lot in next 2 weeks, think every single day Mon-Thurs (starting next Mon).... this week I've been distracted by something called Torchwood - which apparently is aiming to deal with an emerging alien threat... It has greatly reduced my available time to actually fly my spaceships...

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stnylan said...

I am expecting the demand for quite a few of the current large rigs to drop like a stone. If haulers use medium rigs, for example, I can't see there being much demand for a Large Cargohold Ooptimization rig (though they'll be some for certain ships). Likewise, lots of CCC rigs currently go to battlecruisers, so the demand for them will go down too.

But as you say, very interesting times.