Monday, 10 August 2009

Almost a year of blogging

This blog started on 28th August 08, and given its now 10th Aug 09, I can't believe its been active almost a year...

Now I've not been online hardly at all this past week - mainly due to post-30th-birthday celebrations and some surprises, including a holiday that was surprised on me (to the North of England), meaning I've not been around....

Anyhow, thought I'd update with the status from the weekend.

The DSTIC empire is continuing to grow, limited only by lack of retail slots currently (which skills are being worked on to fix). I decided to expand the sales empire into another station, and its had a noticable increase in sales. The weekly turnover is now well over 100mln. Downsides are I'm being limited by minerals again, the constant building has decimated the Megacyte supply, so I now have 0 units left. The annoying thing is I've had a buy-order for 20k units of Megacyte for months now, but its just not being filled despite regular tweaking.

The skills for L4 R&D still are eluding me unfortunatly, but I am close now. Once this is done, the POS plan will start, and then we can hopefully have a permanent supply of T2 items being built/sold. This should hopefully increase profits nicely.

The big skill I've researched recently is the remote industrial skill "Supply Chain Management" - which is proving super useful. I can sit in my missioning system (where L4 agents being sorted), and directly control my main hub of operations, building items for sale. The advantage is I only have to actually fly the 8 jumps home to move goods/minerals every 2-3 weeks - as now I can remotely alter prices of buy/sell orders, and build replacements without actually visiting the stations in question - its only the logistics of mineral moves that really needs me 100% now.

That said, I'm still missing the fun of low-sec. I will be returning to the base of operations there as soon as I can, I seriously can't believe its a month since I left. Hopefully I'll be bringing a hulk back with me, so I can mine some of the sites that have been unavailable to me previously. This should hopefully fix the high-end mineral shortage problem in the short-term.

Hope you guys have a good week and hope to see you online again shortly


Anonymous said...

hoo hah! 1 year! Horray..may there be many many more.

Cj Didge said...

Grats on the years blogging, as for megacyte lots of people are noticeing a change in mineral supplies as well, i buy all my megacyte for my building and ive noticed its gone up from 3700 to 5100 in about 2 months it seems, and all other mineral prices are changeing quite rapidly at the moment. This was also mentioned recently on the Warp Drive Active podcast, also mentioned was the fact that recently favorite macro miner spots are deserted. Maybe connected.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary mate!!! Keep it up!!!

jamenta said...

Congratulations on your year of blogging Deaf.

The other day I decided to start reading through your BLOG from the beginning and have found it both entertaining and informative. Thanks much for that.

Eve is a remarkable game. Glad the Internet came into existence and even PCs ... to make it all possible.


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Congrats, and also, that POS has been eluding your plans for quite a while now :(