Friday, 21 August 2009

A week of eve

This is a phonepost so apologies if the formatting or grammer don't
hit usual standards! Writing on the train on the way to the stag
night of the dead movie premier in London, which I was lucky enough to
be an extra in my holidays over the last summer/winter!

The last week had obviously seen the Dust 514 news (providing I
remembered that right) - this does deeply excite me - the news of a
major fps / strategy console tie in excites as ever. The sovreignty
impact makes me really sad my fanfest attenance got called off for
financial reasons as the chance to see a demo would be amazing..
What i'm hoping is that sovreignty is changed so individuals and small
corps can get a foothold in 0.0 without getting tied up in
alliances. But that's a personal hope and I doubt CCP will cater for

My concerns are lack of a pc version being mentioned as I prefer to
play both RTS and FPS games on the PC due to me being a mouse and
keyboard freak for this time of game.

The thing I am waiting for confirmation of are the available platforms
as if Dust is say PS3 exclusive I see a PS3 being an Christmas present
for sure!

In Corp news - we now have low quality level 4 r&d agents available to
us - bur need to be getting more high quality - this is purely down to
lack of gametime - I've been logged in only 60 mins this week!

Biggest issue now to the Corp is a severe local shortage of well
priced Mex - could anyone supply 10m units to me anywhere in Ours for
say 300mln isk?

Hope everyone has a good weekend and hope to see you online next week
if not at weekend!


Matthew Park said...
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Gehn said...

You have missed a lot indeed. I am also very excited about Dust 514, I learned about it Tuesday morning. You know what else I learned about Tuesday? The PS3 was being brought down to $300 from $400. (It will also be 300 euros, i don't know what it was before though). They also announced a PS3 Slim coming out next month. Both old and new PS3s are going to be the new price (and the me the current PS3 is what I wanted because of a few small features missing in the new PS3 Slim). So guess what?! I bought one Tuesday with my roommate. :) I'm all ready to play Dust 514 whenever it comes out, I also got a few more games. :)

fyi, they have said so far that Dust 514 will be on the PS3 and XBOX 360.

edit: reposted so you know who this is :)