Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mineral price update

Its been months since I posted about minerals as they stand in Gallente/Mimmitar space (where I buy *most* of the minerals I use). This post is based on buy-order pricing.

I will however comment over average prices over time as I've seen it, over the 5 most common mineral types I use:
  1. Tritanium - last 3 months has fluctationed quite drastically. 4.22 is the record price I have paid for Trit about a month ago, but the most recent batch (20mln) was at 4.01. Considering only 9 months ago in 2008, Trit could be had easily for 2.5 to 3.0, thats some inflation. Weekly prices cannot be predicted, so have taken to keeping considerable holdings of trit (25 mln units in holding right now)
  2. Pyerite - Pretty constant - 3.8-4.2 as a general range - not really changed overall - but consistantly am finding Pyerite cheaper than Trit on the market
  3. Mexallon - Constant 24.0 pricing on average, no more, no less.
  4. Zydrine - "very" variable. 4000 used to be my benchmark in 2008, however was able to buy a 50k batch of Zyd for 1750 only a month ago.
  5. Megacyte - 5000 used to be my bechmark price, now can be had for 1800-2500 regularly.
Supply for Zydrine/Megacyte seems to be a lot better - now taking only 2-3 days to fill reasonable sized orders (25k upwards). The biggest mineral issue from my point of view is Mexallon - 3 mln can easily take a week to fill. Of course its far quicker with a regional sales order, or a order in a mission hub.

I should add Nocx/Isogen havn't really moved - but I rarely need to buy these due to corporation holdings of these minerals being quite extensive for past few months.

I think I'm now "good" for minerals for a few months at least - having placed 175mln of buy-orders last night for the raw materials that fuel the industrial endeavours of the corporation - due to the poor state of the minerals hanger.

A question to other corporations - Have mineral prices been in your region been similar to the above picture? Where do you buy your tritanium?


Escoce said...

I trade most of the minerals bought and sold in three regions. The prices you are talking about are pretty consistent. Morphite has also dropped to between 7500 and 8500 per unit.

It does however look to me like you are paying too much for trit on a fairly consistent basis. If you need freighterfuls of trit, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Yup. Pretty much the same.

Maybe Zyd and Mega more but I don't use Zyd much.