Friday, 20 March 2009

Launch of "The Mighty Mouse"

A very expensive shopping trip, and I have one Helios Covert operations frigate named "The Mighty Mouse". This one won't be seeing low-sec (much) - but is fitted with lots of cool technology.... 2x Gravity Capacitor Upgrade 1 rigs for a start, so its not a cheap ship. I think all-in, it cost me around 60 mln ISK. An investment in my scanning/probing career for sure.

The good news is, the investment has proved worth it. I had a radar site probed out around 60 seconds after entering a system yesterday, and had "hacked" the nice Invention tools (50mln ISK) out after about 3 minutes - way better than the 15 mins minimum I'd got pre-Apocrypha. Several other bloggers have been reporting just how nice the "Deep Space Probe" and I can attest to this. Scan once at 4 or 8 AU, and then centre in at 2AU. That simple, and now I'm practiced with probes (and have way more scan strength) it allows a very quick evaluation/warp in point to a hit.

The downsides are other people appear to have found same trick - so much so that the entire constellation and the one next door quickly had had every single probe hit (cosmic signatures at least) well and truly finished - only hits being wormholes. I need to pick up some combat probes, if only so I can keep an eye on my back when in W-space. Is anyone else doing similar?

I also finally last night found my first two wormholes. I swear they were hiding from me before - as

Next plans are to have an extended low-sec roam on Sunday for possible locations for another FoB. People probably know I'm a 'bear' at heart, and I want a nice "safe-ish" place to stay and probe in low-sec, where the bounties are higher.... I think I'll be looking at my eve-maps book for possible locations soon. Myself/Jax had made a run to one potential site down in Amarr low-sec, which is a nice amount of jumps from high-sec (8-9), and low population.... The downsides being I am KOS in high-sec Amarr space so logistics may be a problem. If only I had a jump-drive ship. Logistics though are dealable.

On subject of Industry, well, was amazed yesterday. Some kind individual brought over 100mln ISK of items from DSTIC stores (this is normal tech-1 gear). Corp cash reserves (even with 50 mln in buy-orders) now stand at 400mln, with 250mln on market. Mineral stocks are also okay - but Mexallon is becoming a problem (down to 250k, with 3mln outstanding in buy-orders). The issue is just how quickly the buy-orders are being filled - they are not keeping up with module production for sales. Planning to spend cash on a corporation hauler or two (or three) - for movement of goods quicker - and some POS parts to get ready for POS operations in the medium term (I accept this is a high-risk endeavor, so will be going "cheap" at first.

I'm also considering getting the region-wide market skills sorted, so I can place remote-buy-orders, and alter existing orders. It should allow some interesting market manipulation without having to jump 20 hops.

The training plan for next two weeks is looking like:
Deafplasma: Iteron V (4 days left), Transport ships, Anchoring to V (about 10 days).
Deafturret: Rapid firing V (4 days), Weapon Upgrades V (6 days), Medium Blaster Specialization/Medium Railgun..

What I am missing though is other corporation members/friends to hit w-space/low-sec with - so either need to get recruiting or wait for Jax's return. As I've got most of Sat evening (UK time) to play EVE you should be able to contact me online if you're interested (character is Deafplasma). Corporation primarily based in Ours, but have operations in a few other areas....

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