Friday, 20 March 2009

Hardware woes

I posted this in game last night and forgot to mention - I think my 2nd 17" monitor is going up the spout. It stopped working 100% last night while playing EVE. Luckily I was mostly finished and was on way to dock for the day at the time - but it had to happen in low-sec. Only joy was it was the covert ops ship that I lost on that screen temporarily and it was cloaked so no big deal in the short term..

I disconnected all cables/reconnected this am, and it fired up again thankfully. It's what must be a 6 year old IIyama 17" TFT - from the days when such a thing cost me over £400 (with DVI & VGA input). It's a piece of my computing history and it will be a shame when it finally dies, as many years of service were had from it...

If/when it completely fails, I'll need a new one ASAP - in good news I have another spare, but its VGA only cable wise. Problem as my dual-head card is dual-DVI. Still another 17" monitor would be excellent.

Other hardware issues showing up now with Premium-lite (2nd client) are that Premium does eat a lot more ram. Its not causing a huge problem right now (except when converting videos to PSP format & running 2 EVE clients simultaneously due to a running out of ram/swap like crazy issue) - but I'm thinking another 2Gb of ram would not go amiss soon. (And yes I know I won't get to use it all with a 32 bit OS).

I'm also thinking of a Macbook for EVE when travelling/my photography habit. Does Premium on Mac now work on the standard non-pro Macbooks? (with 9400M Nvidia card) (I *know* the pre-Aprocrapha client did work) Whats the performance like Mac-people?


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can't help with plain Mac Books, as I have a Mac Book Pro. However, my Pro runs the new Premium Lite graphics flawlessly.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

I love how you say "Mac-people".


Anonymous said...

No problem with MacBook Pro (2.5GHz, 4G ram, 512M graphics mem).