Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Deep space scanner probe strength reduction

Okay, according to the Patchnotes for tommorow - Apocrypha 1.0.2 has :
  • Deep Space Scanner Probe I and its variations have had their strength reduced.

Okay, this isn't good. If thats the case, it'll slow up my scans of systems?

Anyone else peeved by this - I think the strength personally is just right - 90% of the time you can get a stable warp in (with good skills) with deep space scanner probes - but 10% I need to resort to more specialized probes (core probes).

Be interested to see what this brings but I thought I'd bring it to attention of the bloggers.

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Cyron said...

There is a post in the discussion thread on the patch notes from a Dev stating that the strength reduction was to stop Deep Space probes from making /combat/ probes irrelevant. They also said they're aware of the fact there are problems with scanning in WH systems with many hits and are looking in to resolving that in the next patch.

So don't panic /too/ much just yet :)