Thursday, 12 March 2009

Apocrypha is here

My first login was on Wednesday - as patching took my client all of Tuesday.

Due to a massive migraine on Wednesday I didn't get much chance to play though - until late in day after a sleep and the headache subsided.

Once in, however, I was actually pretty amazed. Prior to patching the lag on market operations was extremely noticeable and sometimes annoying. This lag had gone and thus on Industry operations for me at least, the game improved no end. This however was replaced by severe module and in-space lag for me when playing the game. Ship jumping around and saying it was at gate on client, then suddenly appearing in warp, then at gate again. Like client/server were completely desynchronized. This is on a system where I was only person present!

Once I had dealt with the Industry side of DSTIC's business (making a quick 50mln from a set of trades), I decided to move my implanted clones down to my exploration Forward Base, so I could experiment with the new scanning mechanics - but not actually enter a wormhole. I also wanted to test my improved drone skills (Drone Interfacing 5 had finished in last 2 weeks meaning my Drone skills were 20% improved). 20% is a huge improvement, and the tech-2 light drones now eat frigates & cruisers for breakfast. Dealing with the lag was not fun, so decided to limit exploration to the one site. The drone skills have made a huge impact on my DPS - so much so that a battleship that took an 15 mins to die from Assault frigate fire last month - and the same type took 3 mins last night - showing the skill gains in both gunnery and drones have greatly improved the amount of damage dealt.

I luckily hit on some modules (2x corelum c-type drops and one shadow serpentis) , which combined will sell for well over 150mln isk, so with the bounties, the total haul was around 156mln. Not bad for an hours work.

The new Apocrypha skill-training queue has been excellent - I now can fly my covert operations ship, but not fully fit it with the Covert operations cloak yet. That however will be fixed in a couple of days, and my "high value" courier ship will be ready for business. This is vital as I've got a lot of modules now stuck in low-sec - and carrying a billion ISK in the cargo hold is not something I want (neither do I want to carry 500mln). Once this is done, its back to skilling up for the Iteron mk 5, enabling transport ships for the low-sec transport duties we will *need* soon for hauling of minerals & items in both directions. After this it's onto basic mining skills so that ice mining is possible, followed by invention. I was hoping to be able to invent a lot sooner, but the reality is I have a lot of work before that is possible - one hurdle being the skills needed, another being the standings needed to get to being able to use L4 research agents. Basically I may have to buy datacores for a while even once I have skills.

Next plan is to get ready for a T2 cruiser of some description - along with getting basic skills for Battleships ready. Right now I can only use T2 small blasters/rails, and need to be able to use T2 large rails and large drones at the least before I consider the battleship as a weapons platform (even with a tech-1 hull). Right now I can use neither and thus the usefulness of a battleship platform for me at least does not exist.

Tech-3 for me is a long-off aim, and not one I'm particularly hurried about reaching.

Wormholes however, I'm planning my first (solo) trips into W-space with a multi-role destroyer (salvage + hacking + archaeology + tractor + probe) and assault frigate combination to see just how deadly sleepers are for myself. I know probing will be more difficult without the bonuses from the "survey" ships.... question will be how difficult... . If that fails, I have a reasonably fit Myrmidon that will be used to test next.

I just wish that EVE did have a proper native multi-role Survey ship available. Maybe the T3 ships will allow this... I do wonder.

My ideal ship for surveying would have (in addition to probe strength bonus and a reasonable cargohold of 800m3 base):
High: 3 tractor, 3 salvage, core probe launcher, cloak
Medium : hacking module, analyser-1 and a afterburner/MWD
Low: Cargohold expanders + cap recharge mods

Ie, a destroyer type survey ship - without the gun bonus but with scan strength.


Anonymous said...

Don't try to solo a sleeper encounter in a destroyer or frigate or you will be podding yourself to get back to known space. Even the easiest Sleeper encounters require 2 reasonably skilled Cruisers working together. And sleepers do multi-spectral damage (all damage types).

Usual encounters are 2-3 frigates and 2-3 cruisers. And they have PvP level DPS and resists, but no shields.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your unwillingness to go into a BS ill you are ready. None the less sometimes it is worth a look the Rokh is a mean ship even with T1 (scouts or COmpressed coils) shooting antimatter does some impressive DPS. Good luck on the T2 cruisers ( i love em for one and they really are fun to fly)