Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I've got a Iceland pass

Somehow, somehow, I've persuaded the g/f that going to Fanfest is a good way to spend part of my summer holiday monies. And she's agreed I can go (without her!). Now all I need is CCP to confirm the dates and prices via IcelandAir (hopefully they are as I blogged about in my previous post) - so I can book!. I'm hoping the link from previous post is right in that it doesn't clash with the wedding I am attending in Vegas and thus I don't get stopped attending by mere unlucky scheduling!

Great great news and was pretty much a good week due to this...

Unfortunately my time in game has been non-existent apart from skill training and Industry for past few days - though thats to be made up for this weekend as I *will* be online for a good portion of Saturday and Sunday (although may miss Sunday night).... even during the day. Once the chores are done anyhow. Plans are to sort Industrial activities and the market out by Saturday evening, then travel up to the FoB again. Whats great is I'll be bringing the new covert operations ship with me, and should have use of the Covert Ops Cloak & improved scan strength by then! I will also be buying a Gravity Capacity upgrade rig or 2... However this is NOT the ship I'll typically be hauling from low->high sec in for the pirates reading this - its purely a scan ship for use to find signatures, and thus will 99.9% of the time remain cloaked in the low-sec areas surrounding one of my 2 FoB's. I will be buying a 2nd Covert Ops hull + Cloak shortly that will be purely for use in ferrying high-value items and skills from A->B...

Ref: Fit for Covert Ops ship I take it I should fit as below:
High: Core Probe launhcer + Covert ops Cloak
Med: MWD + whatever shield extenders I can get (or harderners maybe, as I think shield extenders increase sig radius and thus easier to lock?)
Low: Inertia stabilisers - or should I fit nanofibre internal structures? + the usual DCU 2...
Rigs: 2x Gravity rigs for additional scan strength.

Ideas on fittings would be welcomed by me if the above isn't optimal.

Industry wise:
Made some huge profits last week with the demand for certain items post-patch being huge. As the majority of my industrial efforts are T1 focussed - the influx of new players rapidly devouring ships and equipment have also lead to quick profit. So much so, the corporation had 400mln last weekend in its coffers in cold hard cash.

Since the above we've spent 100mln to restock some low minerals in the hanger, but now have considerable reserves.

So now we have a choice, go BPO shopping, or start to consider a POS (or both). Such exciting times.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, a covops (or any frigate) in low sex is invincible, even without using a cloak. Nothing but a sensor boosted interceptor can lock you, and it will get insta popped by gate/station guns (unless you're at war)

I usually run my cov-ops as such:

Covops cloak
Sisters expanded launcher

1mn MWD t2

2x overdrive injectors t2
(you may need aux power controler instead of 2 overdrive to get it to fit)

With this setup, you can jump through a gate and mwd back to the gate before most people can lock you.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

EXPANDED probe launcher (for all probes or just to carry more)
CovOps cloak
Inertia stabs (low sec, just warp away) overdrives (null sec, cloak and get out of the bubble)

Propulsion mods make your align time much slower, look in EFT.