Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Industrial/weekly update

Characters skills update:
Had to take a small diversion caused by a lack of market slots. I've got items stacked up waiting to sell, but no slots to use to do so...! Overall about 20 days until Deep Space Transports and thus hauling large quantities becoming possible from low-sec to high sec and vice versa with a lessened pirate risk.

Overall the corporation is doing reasonably despite my lack of attention. No new members and no sign of Jax for a week or so. Can't wait to keep playing, and its looking like I'll have a full weekend of hardcore EVE-time gameplaying coming up this month (Saturday 21 March -> Sun 22 evening). Perfect given launch of the new expansion on 10th March (which btw, I can't wait for!).

Corp Marketplace stats:
  • 375mln ISK of items for sale on market in 48 lines of business in one station. This isn't growing as quick as I'd like as finding market opportunities in tech-1 manufacture appear limited. Going to have to bring forward T2 manufacturing I think from being a "would be nice" to being a must-have.
  • 250mln in bank - this is going to have to be spent on datacore/decryptors I think.. or new BPO's for research.
Once the transport ship is ready am thinking of setting up a new corporation shop near low-sec (or even IN low-sec if preferred) full of items piratey types need but usually need to fly to Ours/a major hub to get. Mynxee/other trustworthy pirates - would this be useful to you? - if so, shout what you need to fly to empire for most of time in a comment and I'll start the process up of starting a new corporate hub for this reason - though will expect NAP or similar for my corporations ships in exchange for this.

This week expecting to be online on Wed, Sunday only (when not gardening) due to fact I'm away again over weekend, visiting a friend all day Sat and not arriving home until late Sunday...

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