Saturday, 20 June 2009

Week of EVE

Well, I did manage to log in Tues and Weds - and caught up with Jax for essential personal and corporation chat.

The bad news is, no more exploration sites found, and my aim of making money via this have hit a dead stop. I actually think I am going to have to hit Level 4 missions asap - for both the monies gathered, the modules for refining, and for the faction gains... The faction gains being the most important for my characters right now - as they will open Level 4 R&D agents, which I need to consider if only for the free (ish) ISK generated.

As mentioned, I'm still well on the path to having a mining character in a Retreiver barge - expect it to take about another month for Hulk goodness. I think I will be going for the Hulk - purely due to the lovely mining sites I'm finding in low-sec, and the fact they should fix the perennial problems of getting high-end minerals for coporation building activities.

I will be back online for periods this coming week and the aim is to get some ships relocated to the cosmos area of Gallente space to finish up the remaining missions I have there.

Next week also starts the push for battleships.... purely for utility, but having them available will help greatly in the future for both level 4 missions and some of the combat sites I'm finding in low-sec. Aim is to have 3-4 of them, a mega and dominix in high-sec for missioning, along with a ship or two in low-sec for some of the exploration content.