Monday, 29 June 2009

Back in game today

As mentioned in my previous posts, I now have a couple of weeks ingame in the evenings during the week - so I'll be cranking up eve-radio, and playing 7-11pm Mon-Wed. I'm also not-on-call for once, meaning I get to drink beer and play eve. A mix of danger and fun!.

Good news is CCP have offered me 5 days of no-risk, no credit card down, playtime on my old characters. Why is this good? Well, around 300million of "stuff", 100 million of raw isk - amongst other items can be traded from my old characters to my "current" character. This is a quick win for me :)

The plan:
1/ Earn lots of ISK - personal funds are at 75mil levels, which isn't great. Even with the above "isk injection", I'll still be lower than I want. Having a hanger of T2 goodies sure is expensive.
2/ Start the road to Battleships.
3/ In the meantime, I may have to go back to doing missions in high-sec, purely for status gains - as the plan is to actually sign up for 2-3 level 4 r&d agents asap. Datacores required asap.

The POS, well, shall be put up at *some* point over next few weeks I imagine. The big issue here is the time to refuel - I really need to fly enough fuel down for 6 months to stop fuelling being an issue.

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