Thursday, 4 June 2009

Back in action

The graphics card arrived last Friday, and was installed by my deft hand. Slight issue though I've learnt though experience that a Stanley knife is not a good tool to cut cable ties with - resulting in a heavily bandaged painful thumb. This has made using the computer a pain - I'm only *just* over this.

However on Sunday I did have time to fly a ship or two back to high-sec in order to deal with the market as my "good sellers" were selling or sold out in many cases. After 8 manufacturing jobs had been setup and the corp mineral stock pile decimated, I quickly realized that it was time to spend out the corporations POS stockpile to buy more minerals for future endeavors (as such buy orders can take weeks or months to fill). Prior to the buying, corporation had 600mil in bank. With a refilled stockpile, we have 200 mill...

Skills wise, I have the skills for HAC's and could fly a HIC within a week or two, all fully T2 fitted out. Downsides are my personal funds are lacking due to lack of exploration recently, so I can't buy the ships or equip them - yet!

Invention wise, I'm getting there... I have most of the skills required now, and most of the datacores all stored ready for use. I don't have any research agents yet - so need to do some more work in the COSMOS constellation to more quickly gain faction with Gallente to make that process quicker. Scarily now through missioning/exploration - I may have enough tags to please the Datacenter agents also - which is another quick faction gain. What I don't have is the research POS for quick blueprint copies.

Oh and I've had a fair bit of Fanmail (well 3 eve-mails) and even some ISK donations from my readers - so thanks for that... I will blog further about this topic in the future :) Needless to say feel free to contact me in game or eve-mail me.


Matthew Park said...

What kind of minerals do you look for? I got my roommate playing and now he plays most the day when at work either exploring or mining.

DeafPlasma said...

Tritanium (obviously) - though usually not a supply prob with that due to the fact I order in 20-30 million unit chunks.

Mexallon, Megacyte, Zydrine are the usual problem areas - although with recent orders I shouldn't need these for 2 months ish.

Pyerite I almost never have to buy as my own refinables generally supply enough.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Welcome back buddy!