Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Apologies for lack of posts recently - I've been away on a mini-break, unexpected.
The good news is I'm back online, and for substantial periods for next few weeks (6 ish). Expect to see me this week online Mon, Tues, Weds and a bit of Thurs. I'm working next week so time will be limited then. The following weeks I'll be back on same days. Time to play EVE, and lots of it! I seriously can't wait.

My little section of low-sec space has been quiet recently. Very quiet. All the locals appear to have up-sticks, so literally its me, myself and I in the 3 systems surrounding mine.

I went scanning, and looted a radar and a mag site - around 40 million of loot collected.. I also tried a unknown combat site, and the 24 battleships inside did not appear to like me much. Both my little ishkur assuault frigate and my Vexor couldn't handle the heat in there. That was most annoying for me - I havn't had a good combat site in seemingly months, and when I get them my current ship skills mean I just can't finish them. I'll be breaking out the HAC soon, once I have money to actually buy it to hopefully rectify this. I also plan to get some basic battleship skills and a Dominix/Megathron for similar activities providing low-sec stays this way. Last night I also found a large grav site - almost impossible to scan even with my rigged Cov Ops frigate - it mades me most annoyed I didn't have a barge locally to be able to mine the site. Next purchase for industrial division will be a mining barge equipped to be able to mine such sites.

The big problem recently has been personal funds. I still like to separate corporate activities from personal ones - and the corporations industrial activities are mostly pretty much self-funding and profitable (though they are aimed at making the funds to keep the offices running). My personal desires to fly in lots of shiny T2 ships mean my personal funds are not so pretty. I have a super-valuable hanger, filled with lots of shiny's. This is why I'm aiming to get a lot more playtime in over the summer - to make substantial isk to be able to buy more :)

I've not seen many wormholes locally recently (none in fact, in the 3 systems I survey) - but hoping for an expedition into WH space once I get a ship capable of dealing with sleepers....

The other plan is to go back to cosmos space with a AF and salvager in tow to finish off the cosmos chains I'm working on for quick, easy, faction gains - to enable L4 R&D agents hopefully quickly.

Finally over the period of next week - providing folk are online, I aim to contact back a potential new corp member or two who have eve-mailed me (though they havn't been online at same time as me, which doens't bode well). I'm generally online 18:00-23:00 EVE time on Mon, Tues, Weds for next 6 weeks as discussed, although next week may be a washout due to work trip as discussed.

More updates on my activities tonight tomorrow.


Matthew Park said...

My roommate plays like all day at work and he is an explorer. He hasn't found as much high isk sites as you since he does it in high sec but he finds plenty of wormholes. Our corp actually just went into a wormhole last night to do a little mining in unknown space for our POS. It's a shame those are your hours. I don't get home from work till 2200 hours EVE time :(

DeafPlasma said...

I play in 0.1 security mainly, with some minor forays into 0.0 - so the combat sites are immense sometimes, and the radar finds reasonable....

High sec exploration was fun, but the amount of folk doing it made it not super profitable.

Matthew Park said...

Do you encounter a lot of enemies while doing it? Or are you usually cloaked when doing it.

DeafPlasma said...

Radar sites = ocasional enemy spawn - I take 2 ships when exploring, a combat and a cloaked covops. Explore all the sites with the latter, and then send in a combat ship to quickly (with MWD) clear up the enemy's/hacking/salvage cans.