Monday, 16 February 2009

Industry update

Well, its been a few weeks, so heres the DSTIC trading update as far as my characters go - I havn't had a chance to catch up with Jax to see his stock situation:

Corporation cash on-hand: 100mln ISK (give or take).
Mineral stockpile (at last count): 150mln ISK or thereabouts.
Stock on-hand to be sold (but not on market): 50mln ISK or thereabouts + 50mln ISK's worth of minerals tied in production that finishes Wednesday.
On-market: 170mln ISK. Sold out 100% of several lines over past few days. What is it with people buying batches of > 100 items!

Personal wallets: Low - really low - under 75mln on hand. Expect even this to take battering. Have placed a snake implant for sale at lowest in region price, in Ours - to top this up by 60mln. Its a false reading though really as got about 1/2 a billion of goods out in low-sec, which I need a covert operations ship (can fly one in days now thankfully). Will be flying out to recover said goods asap this week.

Why the above changes - well blueprints were purchased and researched, and theres a few months backlog before profit can be taken from these... More blueprints also need purchasing, so I sense a spending trip is required.

Skills also are getting expensive - spent around 50mln this past week on new skill books for Deafplasma/DeafTurret.

Overall - its positive. EVE-mon is also showing DeafPlasma may overtake Jax for 1st time in overall Skillpoints over coming days/months due to my training rate being vastly greater currently.

Overall industry also needs to start research on T2 component BPO's for the items we're planning to make...

All looking like will be setup for the new expansion in terms of readyness - probing/scanning skills - check - Cov Ops capable - check. Only thing missing for one of my plans is Gallente Industrial 5. This is the next skill on the list once Covert Operations ship is mine.... Only downside is total available funds (as ever) not being huge. Once covert ops ship is mine, plan to go on a moon surveying run and look to deploy a POS in low-sec as the next overall phase to the plan... and deploy science labs + moon mining (yes I know this is a 300mln or so investment - but by that stage we should have that on-side as petty cash.

Is anyone else hoping surveying missions into W-space could be cash cows? Jax is setup for battleships (so need to get him ready for PVP fit battleships)... I'll be flying a Myrmidon fit out with T2 drones, tracking computers (speed script) + medium turrets (possibly T2 rails or blasters). Hopefully 2 characters will cut it (+ a hauling & salvaging covert ops blockade runner or covert operations). We'll see.

Anyone else in the "just can't wait" mode for the new expansion?

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