Monday, 9 February 2009

Bob Collapse - espionage/defection

Okay, everyone now knows what happened from other blogs, so I'm not recapping possibly the games biggest ever espionage incident...

Apart from to say thanks to FunkyBacon on Eve-radio - for the excellent coverage last Thursday. I know ER had problems with the sheer amount of listeners during his show - but the coverage was excellent, thought-provoking, and plain amusing. Excellent, professional job Funky, and I'm hoping you get many more listeners to your show as a result..

The above show is actually pretty much the only EVE Radio listening time I get right now due to personal circumstances meaning time in game is limited. Good news is, I should get at least one evening this week in which I can spend some time actually doing some exploration (which I love doing). I even missed helping set the new PCU this weekend (51400 I think it was?) - which is unusual as I usually get online with my 2 characters during that time so next time it may peak even higher (by 2 at least).

I'm hoping the BoB controversy leads to more people joining the game - its brilliant that one trusted defector can effectively destroy an alliance. As such I imagine a lot more corporations & alliances will be less trusting and re-evaluate their directors.

Though that said our existing structure in the DSTIC corp I manage designed to eliminate precisely this possibility... although I will be promoting Jax next time he's online as he is a very trustworthy individual (given he's paid for 50% of the BPO's in value pretty much).. and being honest him not being a director is harming the corporation as both of our time is limited online thus not being able to see which market orders need manipulation or restock can cause problems.

In non-EVE news the Wedding in Vegas thats preventing the trip to Fanfest (presuming its on usual week in November) has now been booked (flights/hotel etc), meaning sadly I'll definitely not be attending Fanfest 09. Sadness due to not attending. Joy cause it looks like a crowd of >20 of my best mates will all be in Vegas together and I know we'll be having an awesome time.

Updates on current trading situation to follow later in week.

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