Monday, 23 February 2009

New Member to corp

We'll see how it goes - but invited a new-ish player(who appeared lost) to join Corp when traveling via Algogille on Sunday to drop-off items for sale and pick up items purchased....

Unfortunately due to my time being extremely limited we didn't get much time to fly together... Most time spent being setting her up with cruiser hulls and t1 fittings.. She is based in Belgium and thus GMT+1, and had to leave at midnight local time. (11 EVE time). This particularly unlucky due to the loot picked up in a set of escalations on a "combat" site that was picked up right at 11... and finished at 0:30. Corelli C-type 1MN MWD, + a few Shadow Serpentis goodies off the overseer at the end... I also now have 2 serpentis small blaster (or is it rail) BPC's (for fitting to towers). Anyone interested in bidding for these?

The escalation took me all over Gallente space - including a trip via low-sec to Stacmon via one of the most camped gates I think I've ever seen. Was glad I was not travelling in other direction as the sensor boosted ships sat waiting for outbound travellers from Stacmon would have locked even my AF in a very short while...

Why the new players, well I'm a sucker for them - and being honest our base corp hanger isn't exactly loaded with "choice items" - but it is better in many cases than the junk new players can buy off market (lots of named mods, but not super expensive ones). So if any new player empties hanger, we'd be 10mln down... no big deal when the corp assets can easily recover from that.

Industry this week has been good. 180mln in bank, 250mln on mkt, and about 200mln of mineral stocks. Some minerals low-ish though, so need to restock on high-end's. However need to keep corp cash reserves high due to plans below.

Considering buying minerals down in low-sec, its way cheaper in the region I'm based in now (like 1.5 isk less than the Ours trit price). With the Transport ship/Blockade runner being a short while away, hopping through gate camps shouldn't be a huge deal. Am thinking of multi-hop logistics, with hauling vast quantities of minerals to a office in a gateway system to high-sec (say Stacmon).. then hauling them up to production base via a rigged Itty V, or a freighter. I think freighter would greatly increase profit margin, and make the hauling a less frequent thing...

Current plans:

In 1 week: Covert operations ship for moving high value items around low-sec (should allow the 500-1bln isk's worth of high value items to be moved from low-sec to Ours for sale).
In 1 month: Transport ship - for moving quantities of minerals around low-sec + POS fuel..
In 2 months like to see Corp put up a research, reaction and moon-mining POS in low-sec. A few systems in mind for this, but need the cov-ops to go scanning for minerals. POS may go up sooner if good items found. Need a few more corp members who can fly decent defensive ships and PVP experience before POS goes up.. so I see myself/Jax/new member (who's name I forget) going roaming in W-space/low-sec with cheap-ish ships prior to this..

Beyond this, I'm thinking training up pre-requisites for carriers....

Going to be online this week tonight (extremely limited, just movement of ships and and purchase of t2 drones to replace those killed) - and hopefully Weds night, and again Sun. Real life does get in way of EVE sometimes.

Am I the only one who's got lots of under 24 hour skills left and can't wait for new expansion to enable all these to be finished?

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