Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Back from a short leave of absense.

Well, it's been a week between postings, which I try to avoid but are sometimes necessary. Reasoning was my g/f moved in finally (been awaiting the day a while) meaning time was limited Fri-Mon while all was sorted and the stacks of boxes packed then unpacked, and the office tidied so was finally usable. Works also been totally crazy busy with problem after problem - so time to play has been limited to 15 minute bursts here and there.

Crazykinux has added me to the EVE blog pack - as of last week (I missed the posting due to above issues - but linked here!) so I'd like to say Hello to any new readers who have discovered this blog using this method.

Of course the above being away from EVE doesn't really mean away - I've used the time to set some long skills going, and gave the corporation shop a full restock. Hit an amazing barrier as of Sunday - 250mln ISK of items for sale - all in the one single station - all on my personal character. Doing industry jobs with only 15 mins of playtime here and there works a treat.... its one reason I continue to play EVE whereas other MMO's just tended to lapse due to the high input required.

For the moment, similar to my corporation member Jax, I've moved both my characters back to the Ours central hub from which the corporation operates on a day to day basis, but left jump clones over in the "exploration area" where I've found great spoils - allowing quick jumps back to do a few days exploration. Obviously I've also left the ships required for this back in same area.

I can't wait for next week - as finally Gallente Frigate 5 will be done on my "scout" - meaning Covert-operations frigates and thus the reduced scan times are but a few hours away. Vital for the upcoming expansion.... which I can't wait for.

On the subject of which, once its out I think the corporation will have to go on a recruitment drive for characters interested in joining us in exploration/combat in late Feb/early March - as based on the recent Dev blogs - I think it'll need a group to be able to be effective - though we may be able to do with myself and Jax on, we probably ideally need 2-3 others with AF, BS, BC type ships. We also likely will need more industrialists later this year when Jax/myself start hitting limits on amount of production slots..

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