Friday, 18 September 2009

EVE + Netbook

Well, I jumped in yesterday and purchased a Samsung N110 - mainly for blogging on the road, photo retouching from my DSLR. I had minor hopes it would run EVE, but it wasn't essential.

To my surprise, it does. Its slow, probably 10-15f/s in space - , certainally wouldn't want to be out in space on anything more than a haul with one... BUT it works. Some niggles like it being slightly too small to sell full screen (min eve res is 1024x768 vs 1024x600 on the 10" screen), so corp-hangers hard to access.

Overall though its good. The best bit, the battery - even with EVE up for half an hour I only dented 5-10% of the battery. I think the battery with real world usage will last me 6-7 hours every time - and thats even with use of EVE, it doesn't seem to dent the cpu much despite the 100% usage.. Great when you consider thats enough time for a nice train ride in/out of London twice, or one with problems. I've already got a 3g dongle, and experience with watching TV on an old-phone via 3 and a slingbox says for 90% of the journey it should work without any disconnects, meaning I can use EVE for market fun when I'm travelling, or away for a weekend :)

The other nice thing for those considering netbooks - is the thing actually boots/is usable WAY WAY quicker than my desktop. Both are running same AV, same OS etc - its a nice benefit, along with the fact the hibernate is sweet, meaning the netboot is almost instant-on.

Brilliant purchase, and although EVE wasn't the main reason for it, its a lovely side benefit!

This weekend I may not be online much - real life means I'm tied up with some DIY projects with some friends prior to the winter setting in.

Also - expect to see me online next Sunday..... :) I'll be in London visiting a friend in hospital during the day, but will be online on my journey to & from :) I'll be online Friday/Saturday also in all likelihood....

I still need to purchase the HD TV and PS3 for Dust - but thats the Christmas present :)

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