Sunday, 27 September 2009

Corporation update

Well, firstly we have a new industrial member, Rojaz, who is starting up a sales and production operation in a station we have identified is under-supplied for capsuleer demand - so I publically welcome this development.

Secondly, having now got standings with Creodron for my first level 4 agents, I am doing the same with Core Complexion - to be able to max all my R&D slots with L4 agents - Creodron only having a small number. So grinding of standings, again, not much fun for another month or so.

The biggest news in world of EVE had to be Pandemic Legion winning the Alliance tournament. Congratulations guys, its was a brilliant win, and showed the value of changing tactics upon every single match! The HD video feed was also omg awesome as the guys from CCP described it. Downsides are my shite PC couldn't handle the load of running the video and 2 EVE clients all that well - so for a lot of the final day I was watching with only one client up... It was great TV, and I really hope that CCP chooses to to a EVE TV broadcast again.

The other great news is the fact that the next patch will have a new browser embedded in game based on the same tech as Google Chrome- not the most obvious of good news - but excellent for app development. I'm hoping that once a decent browser is in there, that you will be able to use API hooks to in-game features. For example a spreadsheet updated using your current local market data may be possible. For industrialists, this part of the patch could be very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

That browser update is very good news - I hope it will be able to support google wave and google docs! They will be incredibly useful!