Thursday, 14 May 2009

Weekly update ....

Right now - corp has 450mil in bank, a sizable mineral stash (enough to replenish almost all the millions of stock on the market). Overall good. Downsides are that I'm not planning a trip back to high-sec for a while, meaning the market will kinda have to do without the items supplied by Deafstar Technologies for a while. This is down to the low-sec base now having supplies enough to survive for a while without this.

The POS still needs to be purchased and put up - the good news is I've found the moon for us to use initially.. All the research slots are now freed, allowing a full use of the POS's facilities for corporate use. I need to put a fuel order in with one of the suppliers for around 50-100 mln ISK's worth of POS fuel - ie a few months supply. If anyone is reading this and can supply Gallente tower full fuel mix contact me in game and I'll happily sign a contract - delivery to Stacmon or Oursaulaert (the 2 staging areas used).

Research - Need the relevant skills training up to L4, and the grinding is still needed with the research corporations I am choosing. Datacores are building up at impressive levels from exploration activities, as are invention tools.

On hand personal funds are very low indeed - this is down to having purchased/shipped a bunch of T2 items from high sec to my low-sec base (got around 200 mln of T2 modules sat in hanger to fit to ships as needed). If I got ransomed I'd have to actually get podded vs pay the pirates responsible..... To attempt to rectify this - I've entered the BIG lottery with a few tickets due to the 20 billion jackpot this week. As tickets are 10000 isk each, even a new player should be able to afford a few!

The new patch - as its only really reading as a bugfix patch - I'm not that personally concerned about the impact. I can't wait to get on with playing online this weekend however.....

In combat skills - I'm getting near ready for flying Heavy Assault Cruisers. Next stage after these skills will be to start on some battleship training - buy a HAC or two and fly up to sleeper space to try something new.

Hopefully in the next weeks you'll hear of the 1st POS launch for me - and its success.


EVE Agent said...

Good luck man, I'm thinking about making my own low-sec POS but I've only got about 450 million ISK total and I really don't want to risk the expense with such a low reserve. I figure I'll get to a cool billion before I venture out.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Hey best of luck buddy!