Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Not logged on in 1 week

Its sad to say apart from 2 hours of exploration, I've not really logged into EVE this past week. Personal circumstances and all that in the evenings limiting myself to about 1 hour of "spare" personal time a day. Which when its all I have, means I've not had chance to play EVE apart from to switch skills out.

The great news is I should be getting substantial playtime over the summer - just had semi-news in that regard.

I've also spent time playing with Apache/GD/PHP and Mysql to get a personal killboard setup at home. The URL will not be published, apart from for corporation members - and the site will be restricted to only corp I'm afriad. Why a Killboard? Well I am in low-sec now, so if I do end up PVPing I want to keep updated with my losses/gains.

I'll be logging in to place the POS fuel contract this week for sure, and doing a high-sec supply and sales run. I've also gotta do some housekeeping, in that I've got some ships (about 100 mln's worth in raw isk) stuck in a section of space I rarely use now. More concerning is the fact I've got about 100 mill of stuff there which needs the usual hauling back to high-sec.

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