Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The movie I'm in finally gets a premier

Apologies for the non-EVE related meandering, but I was in a movie - Stag Night of the Dead as an extra for approx 8 days of filming in the winter and springtime of 2007/2008 respectively at a disused ex-US airbase in the UK.

The films is finally getting a premiere:

Basically - if anyone ever asks you to be a film extra - do it hands down, even if not paid - some of the folk I've met through SNOTD have been friends since filming. And it was hilarious fun getting to jump around made up as a zombie for days at a time.

Oh for a real sci-fi film wanting extras coinciding with my work holiday!

Now I can't wait for the premiere, so its time to book more work holidays for this.

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