Monday, 27 April 2009

Weekend of EVE

I actually, for once, had a couple of afternoons this weekend to play online.

Started with scanning out a few systems locally. In my usual place there were 3 Wormholes - this system usually doesn't have a single WH, so I think the wormhole gods were making up for lost time. I didn't poke my head in.... I had my eyes on a combat site, a drone one as I hadn't done one before. It was "The drone hive", a 5/10 complex. 3rd room in, my ishkur could handle the site comfortably until we hit the first battleship - on which it could not beat its tank at all. This was most disappointing. I tried the Enyo - same result - just not enough dps.

It was good, even if not hugely profitable. The salvage ship salvaged the previous two rooms and the 3rd one (while the battleship was aggrod). 2 cargo holds full of drone stuff, it returned.

Now at this point I was peeved, as until now, not a single site had be beyond the reach of the ishkur. I decided to dump loot to high-sec, and fly up there to buy a new ship to beat this complex in. I built and fitted a cheap-ish Vexor with tech 2 blasters, T2 drones, armor repairer, and the standard low-sec tackle kit. Also purchased 100mln of t2 gear to move to low-sec to fit to other disposable frigates/cruisers as necessary. I'm also probably going to move a T2 fitted thorax down to low-sec - so I have disposable ships for pvp.

On Sunday I returned, and the site had respawned. I got to the penultimate room - The Vexor handles the site admirably, even when it hit the room with 6 battleships beating on it. However it got well and truely beat by the last battleship spawn (this must have been a t15 or higher overseer) and warped out with 25% structure. Filled 4 ships with salvage, and got about 100mln worth of salvage loot. Next thing to do is to get a Battlecruiser down here too for the real big guys...

In the meantime, HAC's are training, and will take approx 2 months to complete to a satisfactory level - it'll take one month to get into a HAC... but about 2 months to use it properly. Then finally I'll start on getting core skills to a far higher level..

My invention skills are almost usable now also - almost got enough skills to l4 to be able to start inventing some modules and ships.

The disappointing thing really has been the store/sales situation. Sold a lot of ships for a tidy profit (about 6 mil profit), but really don't have time to keep that situation tended, and a bit short on high-end minerals right now. The issue is the usual "strong sellers" - I have some competition in the local market - and basically folk don't appear to be buying items quite as frequently as they were... The turnover per week is down at 50mln.
The store has enough in it to keep going a while - but I will drop in time to time to place more mineral buy orders for the next batches of items to be sold.

Will be online more this week prior to the weekend when I'm away until Monday grrr.

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Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Wow such great loot!

Any close pirate encounters? I just don't feel safe in low sec :P