Monday, 6 April 2009

Monster shopping weekend

This weekend, I went shopping in the Oursulaert mini-market of fun...

Ships purchased include:
  • Enyo "Friendly Fire"
  • Ishkur
  • Helios
  • Rigged Iteron mk 5 "Mighty Badger", rigged for max-cargo (ie about 48,000 m3 when containers used)
  • Viator - Gallente cloaked blockade runner. For running the more valuable items from low to high-sec for sales. Also used over weekend to transport above ship hulls from high-low sec.
Also included the fittings for all of the above. You may ask why - the answer is more to do with having "spares" in low-sec. I'm not intending to lose ships, but you never know in EVE, especially with Pirates, so thought it was wise to have a spare or 3 back at base for anything I'm using in the FOB. Basically backup ships to use when roaming. I also intend to fly other ships back, including a few cheap T1 hulls for basic duties when I think the more expensive T2 will be at risk. Also considering moving some BPC's for basic equipment and ships down here so don't need to fly 15-20 jumps round trip just to resupply.

Total costs for above must have been in region of 3-400million ISK.

I still also need to purchase a deep-space transport for moving lower-value items around in... This as I can move cruiser sized hulls around in such a ship...!

Made friends with the corp "Nungunnerz", who I ran a mission with last Thursday night. Had about 24-30 Serpentis battleships testing the tank of the Carboneater - they had no joy as the repper could easily keep up with the incoming damage when pulsed. Made about 10-14 million bounties, and got some salvage to go sell in high-sec to split. (Don't worry Mugman, its in a container with your corp name so I know its a split of loot operation when it finally does goes up the pipe).

Overall though I'm still undecided on low-sec. I like the place, and like knowing the locals (they are generally more talkative than the folk in the other places I've frequented so far). I also pretty much know who to avoid, and who is a threat to me... The downsides - well, right now I just haven't had the quality of exploration finds I've had in the other areas of Genesis and Verge Vendor I've tried in the past. The good news however is that invention materials are dropping well - and the drops so far should greatly reduce my costs when I do finally start invention. I also have completed some moon-surveying, and have eliminated 3 systems from my inquiries - it appears ALL moons with deposits worth having have been taken already. Most annoying. As it takes about 30 mins to an hour to survey a system I will hold off doing any more until I'm more POS ready. I expect it to be a month before the basic pre-req's of deploying a POS are completed.

I've also found some potentially very lucrative mining sites in low-sec (gravimetric sites). What a shame I don't have a ship capable of dealing with them (in terms of a low end retreiver). I've started cross training a basic mining facilities - purely to just get in a barge.

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